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5 Amazing Benefits of Traveling

Here are the 5 specific ways that I believe traveling can greatly benefit the self-discovery process:

  1. Your horizons will be broadened: Visiting different countries will expose you to infinite ways of living and being in the world. You may have never even imagined the existence of certain mannerisms, customs, histories and cultures until you witness them. Your world instantly becomes a bigger, richer and more diverse place, which you have the privilege of exploring for years to come. You’ll be able to make friends along the way who can give you an insider’s look into their country’s unique lifestyles.
  2. Your mind will get stimulated: Whenever you step out of your comfort zone, your mind gets stimulated and stretched into new dimensions of thinking. In fact, science has proven that by breaking out of the rut of daily living and our habitual way of being, our brains will develop new neural connections that trigger original and creative thoughts. Certain travel experiences can also provide a relieving space for spiritual clearing and help one get more centered and re-connected to one’s authentic self.
  3. You gain a sense of perspective on your place in the world: When you witness other lands and other customs in the world, you will gain an instant sense of perspective on your own place of origin and how your values compare to the values of people from other cultures. Witnessing all these wonderful contrasts, on your travels, can solidify your own identity and make you appreciate your own uniqueness in the world. You get an idea of where you fall within the big, wide continuum of the human race.
  4. You feel more connected to your fellow beings: Despite all the differences, upon closer observation, you will notice that you actually share a lot of similarities with the people that you encounter, no matter which country that you visit. This realization will instill a sense of respect and tolerance towards others because of this awareness of your shared humanity. You will be embraced and welcomed wherever you go because people will sense your openness, understanding and willingness to connect with them.
  5. You feel more responsibility towards the plight of the planet: Having the opportunity to witness the beauty and richness of so many different lands will inevitably elicit a sense of awe and wonder within you. You’ll feel a spiritual connection to Mother Earth as you get a visceral sense of all the wonderful gifts that she has to offer. You’ll feel a natural sense of responsibility towards taking care of the planet and preserving all her bounty for future generations to come.


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